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How to get free V-Bucks : This is probably the most searched question on Google by the Fortnite players. But the answer is comparatively difficult. There are lots of suggestions to get V-Bucks Free. Perhaps you have already tried them. But they didnt work out, right?

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Dont worry. You have landed in the right place. If you go through this article, you will certainly add some V-Bucks to your account in no time.

And you know what you need to do? Nothing literally. Yes, its true. Just read the whole article line by line with the utmost observation. Trust me; your free v bucks are waiting for you to grab them.

So lets get into the details.

How Much Do V-Bucks Cost

There is no way the V-Bucks will walk towards you. You need to either earn them or buy them.

Earning them by playing one after another level is a tough job as it requires a lot of patience. So the Fortnite players prefer to buy them sometimes to jump into the next level.

But buying V-Bucks demands a lot of money. You can always buy them from the Fortnite Store or any other PlayStation.

Lets check how much they can cost you.

You can purchase 1000 V-Bucks for $9.99, 2500 for $24.99 with a bonus of 300 V-Bucks, XMRyou will get 3500 V-Bucks as a bonus.

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See, they are not always economical, rather pretty pricey.

How to Get Free V-Bucks

So what if you get them for free without paying a single buck? Wont it be great?

On our website, we are providing this exclusive limited offer. But first, lets discuss the slow paced processes of getting vbucks free.

The V-Bucks you will earn by following the procedures below can be used in Battle Royale, Creative as well as in Save the World modes. You can spend them on buying things like outfits, gliders, emotes, and the latest Battle Pass in the first two modes.

By playing the PvE in Save the World mode, you can purchase your favorite heroes, X-Ray Llamas containing weapons, and many more.

However, lets explore the options available to earn this free in-game currency.

Daily Logins: This is the easiest of all the ways to get some free V-Bucks just by logging into your Epic account.

A daily log-in to Fortnite will add some bucks into your account. Though the amount is not that great, it is still worth it. Because you just need to log in every single day, nothing more than that. As a Fortnite addict, this is not a hard job to accomplish for anybody.

However, you may not like the process as it is the slowest procedure to collect V-Bucks quickly. But there is no harm in collecting some free cash every day without doing anything.

Daily Quests: The next process to follow is the daily quest challenge. But remember, you must own the Save the World mode for being worthy of taking this challenge. Otherwise, this process is not for you.

So, if you have reached Save the World mode of Fortnite, you will be offered some challenges to complete on a daily basis. If you can complete them, you will get some V-Bucks as rewards.

For completing each challenge, you will be rewarded with 50-100 V-Bucks. And the challenges are not the same every day. They will keep rotating. However, if you are eligible enough to win over all the challenges successfully, at the end of the day, you will be able to collect a significant amount of cash. Because Save the World mode has abundant challenges with a good amount of V-Bucks.

You can use these V-Bucks in both Save the World mode and Battle Royale mode.

This is also a slow process as it follows a daily routine. But it is quicker than the previous one.

Battle Pass Challenges: What if you have not got Save the World mode? How will you get those free V-Bucks?

No worries at all. Battle Royale mode also has something exciting for you. That is called battle pass challenges.

The more battle passes you have, the more you can avail of the challenges for yourself. As a free player, you can get three chances a week.

The challenges make you collect a certain amount of wood, kill a certain number of players, etc. The formats keep changing. As much as you will undertake the challenges and complete them successfully, your battle pass will continue to increase. As a result, you will get some rewards such as gliders, skins, pickaxes, emotes, etc.

But you will also get a reward of 100 V-Bucks at times. So there is a chance to gather some free V-Bucks once in a while.

Although this is a long-term process, it would be great if you have the ability to take new challenges every day.

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All the processes mentioned above are the in-game processes. You can earn only by playing games and completing challenges.

But what if you need some V-Bucks urgently? What if you dont want to wait for so long to win V-Bucks by finishing everyday challenges?

Why worry so much when we have got your back?

You can add some notable amount of this in-game currency by choosing our site as a free V-Bucks generator.

Wondering how? We understand there are a lot of fake sites demanding a lot of information from you. But we are 100% authentic, and you will get the proof once you do what we say.

And you do not need to do much. We do not require your personal information like credit card number or password.

You just need the username of your Fortnite account. Thats it. Type the username in the required place, and you will be redirected to the offer page.

There you can find some offers of V-Bucks. Choose one from the existing offers. And thats it. Instantly you will get the offer. Your chosen amount of V-Bucks will be added to your account. You can spend them on buying the latest in-game items or characters.

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Hopefully, you will be able to add some instant V-Bucks to your epic account.

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