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Get the Best Samples from Super SamplesHey everybody’s approved today. I’m going to be telling you guys how you can get free samples in your mailbox without surveys because you probably are you sign up and all you get is in with her that’s not. What I do that’s not what I post and that’s not. What I want you guys doing either so. I’m going to tell you guys how it works how you can get free samples without all those hassles and actually get free stuff in the mail all the stuff that you see in front of me online I don’t know. How I got started doing this a lot of people started with previous a lot of money. When I was growing up and I knew that I could call one eight hundred number cuz those were free and I knew if you called those numbers. I can ask them and I can get free stuff what are the first things I started out claiming with catalogs I would call like infomercials and be like hey……

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